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Superior category of olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil . Very good choice for every day use.

250 ml

Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.) : Laconia

Acidity < 0,4%


In Greek, Phileos means the friend of oil.  When using the word oil in Greece, it means only oil produced by the pressing of olives. Extra virgin olive oil “Phileos” is a natural juice of the olives produced exclusively in the olive groves of Molaoi, Asopos and Monemvasia. The olives to produce Phileos come from the famous varieties Athinolia and Koroneiki which are cultivated in controlled and certified fields complying with the requirements of the Protected Geographical Indication of Laconia (PGI of LACONIA). The oil is extracted by the local Agricultural Association and it is packed under excellent, certified conditions.

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