Kalamata olives - Superior gourmet – Unpasteurized - Without preservatives. Triple rigorous selection by hand - 9 month natural fermentation process

250 grams, drained weight


The natural superior gourmet olives Telies, with aromatic herbs and low salt, Kalamata variety, are one of the prime gourmet and functional olive products from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms.

The natural superior gourmet Kalamata olives Telies are handpicked at the optimum maturity stage, they are subjected to rigorous selection by hand and undergo many months of natural fermentation without chemicals and additives, with scientific monitoring throughout the whole procedure. A significant factor in taste and quality of Telies with low salt is the fact that they are not pasteurized. The production is made with minimal salt with the addition of a wide variety of aromatic herbs and minimal amount of gourmet vinegar, retaining the mature and fruity flavor of the natural Kalamata olives.

Telies retain all their health benefits for which they have been awarded for, with the prime distinction being first place worldwide at the Aristoleo High Phenolic Olive competition 2018, due to the highest concentration of phenolic compounds found in these olives. Simultaneously, this product have been awarded for their taste and top quality in international taste competitions such as Great Taste Awards in London with two stars, classifying them as one of the most awarded Greek Kalamata table olives.