The harvest to produce this olil takes place in October and the production requires double quantity of olives as opposed to any common olive oil, resulting in a precious oil. It belongs to the category of organic functional olive oils that stands out for its rich, fruity and characteristically pungent flavor. Authentic olive flavor and diverse aromas are characteristics that make Agourelaio a unique Premium and precious unripe extra virgin olive oil.  It is an ideal choice for taste and health, being rich in antioxidants and health beneficial properties (polyphenols), while complying with the health claim Reg. 432/2012 of the EU (high phenolic olive oil). This oil impresses even the strictest of olive oil experts, while being one of the most multi-awarded Premium Greek extra virgin organic olive oils in international competitions.



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  • 750ml

    Agourelaio is a first quality Premium extra virgin unripe olive (Koroneiki variety) oil from Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms.  Produced at  18-20  °C,  it has an intense green color and a very low acidity