Superior, limited edition, organic extra virgin olive oil from Sakellaropoulos Organic farms.

500 ml-glass bottle

Armonia is an organic, extra virgin olive oil derived from a combination of semi-ripe and ripe olive fruit of Koroneiki variety. To produce this oil, the olives are hand selected and pressed at 21 – 23 °C only few hours after harvest. This oil is  characterized by a medium intensity, very low acidity, rich aromas,  exceptionally pleasant flavor and long aftertaste.


Armonia  is rich in vitamin E as well as polyphenols that contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.  It also contains antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients therefore making it compliant with the regulation 432/2012 of the European Union, regarding claims of health benefits of olive oils with high polyphenol concentration.  Armonia  belongs to the category of bio functional olive oils and has been awarded many times in international olive oil taste competitions, rendering it one of the most unique and multi-awarded Greek organic olive oils.

Armonia-glass bottle 500ml