Naturally flavored olive oil - Enstagma Superior gourmet - Limited edition 


Saffron + rosemarie


100 ml


Enstagma Superior Gourmet limited edition is a three-type flavoured olive oil, of high quality, specialized production and expertise which belongs in the category of flavoured gourmet premium olive oils (flavored olive oil).

Enstagma Superior gourmet is a unique flavored olive oil made from Koroneiki olives and comes in 3 different types, with natural infusion of saffron, rosemary and sage. It is a flavored olive oil that can complement any culinary creation, depending on the chosen type, giving character and unique taste. Enstagma surpasses the classic definition of olive oil, making it a gastronomic experience. It has been multi awarded worldwide for its taste and quality, with its prime distinction being a gold star from chefs and expert olive oil tasters at the ITQI in Brussels, classifying it as one of the best flavored olive oils in gastronomy. (Superior Gourmet Flavored Evoo)

Enstagma 3

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