Flower honey


Produced by MICHALIS ILIOPOULOS, founder of Melithia greek company dedicated to the production of honey of excellent taste and quality.


The production of this type of honey is based on a large collection of flowers blomming during the spring in the Olympia region .

Melithti Flower Honey is collected in the Ancient Olympia region, the most famous sanctuary in Ancient Greece  devoted to Zeus, the father of the gods and the humans. It was the place where the Olympic Games were held.


Color: Flower Honey is light colored.


Aroma – Taste: it has an exceptional taste and pleasant aroma.


Nutritional Value and Beneficial Properties:

It promotes the good function of digestion and the proper growth of children. It gives energy, regulates intestinal and strengthens liver function. The honey of spring is a wholesome nutrition supplement, an invaluable nature product and an original gift to our loved ones.


Crystallisation: This particular honey crystallizes in 3-6 months’ time.


Calorific Value: 15gr of Flower Honey give 51 Cal.


Basic Constituents:

All sorts of Flower Honey include many mineral and trace elements, which play an important role in the maintenance of balance in the human organism.  This honey also includes at least 18 organic acids, the most important of which are the gluconic acid, citric acid, acetic acid and phosphoric acid.


Flower Honey-Melithi