Attention please: We do not ship gift baskets!.

If you are interested in this basket, please contact us.  There are two options:


1. You come to our place to pick it up.

2. We can drive to your place after an agreement between you (the buyer) and us. The posibility for us to deliver to you will depend mainly on how far is your address from us.



This gift basket contains:

Two bottles of wine from Lacovino winery (Tristrato and Xegrago Abeli), two packs of Greek traditional pasta (for example, Kritharaki and couscous, but if you prefer another pasta from our catalog, please let us know), two packs of olives from Halkidiki (for example, natural and with chili pepper, also for these you may select from any of the green olives we have) , two packs of herbs (for example, Thyme from Taygetos and Oregano from Naxos, you may also select other herbs from Naxos or Taygetos) and finally, one bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil (which you may change for one  of Phileos 500ml). 

All the products in this basket are available independently in our webshop. So, if you want to read more about the individual products in this basket, please visit the corresponding page on our website.

This offer is valid as long as the stock of the individual product holds.



Gift Basket 1

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