Godlike greek raw forest honey 100% pure; supreme quality. 


Product from the forest near Arta, North West of Greece. 


  •  delicious in taste

Pure raw honey  have been traditionally associated with many health benefits, including:


  •  Natural energy boost
  •  Refreshing and cleanshing for your skin
  • Helps improve your brain functioning
  • Helps you sleep better
  •  Rich in antioxidants, which offer protection again bacterial and fungal infections.


About the producer:


Around 1940 in a greek village in the virgin lands of Epirus the grandfather of the family Themistocles took the first steps in the field of apiculture. Over the years more family members started to participate, transferring the knowledge and love for apiculture from generation to generation. The grandson Themistocles Kallias who is 3rd generation beekeper founded the company GODLIKE in order to highlight the quality of Greek honey as well as its countless health benefits.

Forest Honey-White Label