Exclusive – Gourmet olives Gousto – Kalamata olives and Green olives – Unpasteurized
Without preservatives – Triple rigourous selection by hand – 9 month natural fermentation process

250 g drained weight


Gousto  constitute a combination of taste from all the olive varieties of Sakellaropoulos Organic Farming, a gourmet olive product that required many years of testing with strict monitoring in all the stages of production. The small green olives with lemon and the Kalamon olives, are handpicked at the optimum maturity stage, they are subjected to rigorous selection by hand and undergo many months of natural fermentation without chemicals and additives, with total scientific monitoring throughout the whole procedure. A significant factor in taste and top quality is the fact that they are not pasteurized.

The exclusive gourmet olives Gousto are a combination of small green olives with classic larger size black Kalamon olives in the same packaging with specific analogies that are enriched with lemon and vinegar, organic olive oil and herbs. The taste result of the gourmet Gousto olives: when you taste the green olives you can feel the lemon with the subtle bitterness of the olives, while tasting the Kalamata olives you can taste their fruity taste and the vinegar. This product was awarded from expert chefs and panel tasters at the Great Taste Awards international competition in London with a golden star.