Organic Kalamata olives with low salt

Unpasteurized – Without preservatives - triple rigorous selection by hand - 9 month natural fermentation process.


250 grams, drained weight.


The organic, natural Kalamata olives with low salt, constitute one of the prime bio functional olive products of Sakellaropoulos organic farms. 

These olives are hand-picked at the precise period of ripeness and then rigorously selected. They undergo a 9 month natural fermentation process, without chemicals or additives and with complete scientific inspection throughout the whole process. A significant factor in taste and quality is the fact that they are not pasteurized. The production  is made with minimal salt throughout the whole fermentation process and also in the final packaging with cold extracted olive oil to retain their mild bitter and fruity flavor along with the high organoleptic properties.
They are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, tocopherols and other polyphenols, because throughout the whole production process which takes many months, only traditional and natural methods of processing are used. 

This product have been awarded many times at international taste and quality competitions for olives. Their prime distinction is the continuous awards they receive at the Great Taste Awards in London, where they have been awarded with gold stars numerous times.