250 grams, drained weight


Natural, superior gourmet olives Lemonenies without vinegar, are table olives which constitute a rare combination of Lakonian tradition from Kalamon olives, fresh lemon and aromatic herbs that are combined to give a superior gourmet taste option of olives without the taste of vinegar.

Lemonenies enhance many recipes with their unique taste and can also be eaten by those who don’t prefer or are not permitted to consume vinegar but can take pleasure with the authentic taste of Kalamata olives with lemon and aromatic herbs.  These olives are handpicked  at the optimum maturity stage and then they are subjected to rigorous selection by hand. They undergo many months of natural fermentation without chemicals and additives, with scientific monitoring throughout the whole procedure. A significant factor in taste and top quality of the natural olives Lemonenies without vinegar is the fact that they are not pasteurized. The production is carried out with minimal salt with a natural infusion of lemons and herbs, maintaining the fleshy and rich taste of the olives. The result is a culinary delicacy that can enhance any gourmet creation.

Thus, these superior gourmet Kalamata olives Lemonenies without vinegar retain all their health benefits. Specifically, these olives have been found to have the highest tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol (natural antioxidants) worldwide with their greatest award in 2017 from the Aristoleo High Phenolic Olives competition, with the OVER ALL GOLD medal. Simultaneously, Lemonenies participated in university studies and it has been found that the consumption of 5 of the Lemonenies olives per day can attribute to the improvement of lipidomic profiles.