250 grams, drained weight


Kalamon olives with apple, Milenies, is a great combination that include herbs and apple cider vinegar. It is an innovative gourmet olive product . Milenies olives are hand-picked at the precise period of the olive’s maturation and when they are rigorously selected, the olives undergo a 9 month natural fermentation process, without chemicals or additives and with complete scientific monitoring throughout the whole process. Important factor in the taste and quality of the gourmet olives Milenies is the fact that they are not pasteurized. The production is carried out with minimal salt during the whole fermentation process and in the final packaging of the olives, with addition of apple, herbs and organic olive oil, thus retaining their fleshy and rich olive flavor. 

Milenies retain all their health beneficial properties and natural antioxidants of the Kalamon olives and rightfully belong in the functional olive products of Sakellaropoulos organic farming. Milenies olives have been awarded many times for their taste and aroma, at many renowned competitions with their prime distinction being from chefs and expert panel tasters at the ITQI in Brussels, where they were awarded 2 golden stars. The combination of the unique flavor characteristics of Millenies Kalamata olives can enhance any dish, simple or gourmet.


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