Pinelies : Kalamon Olives with Ouzo – Unpasteurized -Superior gourmet 
Without preservatives - Triple rigorous selection by hand - 9 month natural fermentation process

250 gram drained weight 


 Pinelies, Kalamon olives with ouzo, combine  two clasical Greek ingredients creating an inspiring palette of aromas that characterize Greece. The olives in Pinelies are handpicked at the optimum maturity stage; they are subjected to rigorous selection by hand and undergo many months of natural fermentation without chemicals and additives, with total scientific monitoring throughout the whole procedure. A significant factor in taste and quality of Pinelies is the fact that olives are not pasteurized.

After years of testing, the production of Pinelies is carried out with minimal salt throughout the whole fermentation procedure as well as the final packaging, with the addition of ouzo, tea and organic olive oil, thus retaining the ripe and fruity olive flavor of the Kalamon olives, giving strokes of fine cuisine to any culinary dish.  Pinelies have been awarded for innovation, quality and taste at the biggest taste competitions worldwide, such as the Great Taste Awards in London with a golden star.