250 grams, drained weight


The superior gourmet natural green olives with lemon, Prasines, are a rare combination of tradition. This product is made from small sized olives, unripe, green in color, with the addition of fresh lemon and aromatic herbs combined to give a superior gourmet olive flavor option. 

Our natural superior gourmet green olives Prasines with lemon are hand-picked at the precise period when they are unripe and green, where they are rigorously selected and undergo a 9 month natural fermentation process, without chemicals or additives and with scientific monitoring throughout the whole process. Important factor in the taste and top quality of Prasines  is the fact that they are not pasteurized. The production is carried out with minimal salt throughout the whole fermentation process and in the final packaging of the olives, with a natural addition of lemons, herbs and organic olive oil, retaining their fleshy and rich olive flavor, resulting in a culinary delicacy that can accompany and enhance any gourmet creation with emphasis on the natural taste of the green olives.

Prasines retain all their health beneficial ingredients and their antioxidants, rightfully  making it a functional olive product of our organic farming. This product have been awarded for their top quality in taste competitions with their prime distinction being at the Great Taste Awards in London with a golden star – plus – a gold medal and in the Top 20 selection at the Taste Olymp Awards.