This offer contain a bottle of wine, a package of pasta, a package of Halkidiki green olives, a package of pistashios and a jar of tomato sauce Callista.

In this deal you benefit from a discount of 8 % on the wine (Rosé Lantides), 18% on the pasta, 12% on the pistashios, 5 % on the tomato sauce and 30% on the olives. Additionally you may select a different wine from the list below and any of the available pasta, any available olives package, and you may choose salted or unsalted pistashios.

Please epecify in your order what is your selection for the wine, pasta, olives and pistashios.


Regarding the wines you may select one of the following in place of the Rose Lantides:


  • Xefrago Abeli
  • Anosis
  • Peribolos 
  • Aparto
  • Gilofos
  • Ergo White
  • Tristrato



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