Syllektikon  – Flavored - Premium gourmet - Limited edition


Second place worldwide in 2017 !!


250 ml


Syllektikon flavored unripe olive oil (limited edition flavored evoo) is a premium flavored olive oil which is derived from unripe Koroneiki variety olives, fresh oranges, lemons and wild thyme. This unripe Premium olive oil belongs in the category of natural flavored olive oil (flavored evoo) with specialized expertise and limited production.

The extraction of Syllektikon Premium flavored unripe olive oil is conducted in environmental temperatures between 18-20°C with high quality standards, resulting in a unique taste and aroma combination, which comprise this superior limited edition flavored evoo.

The natural infusion of citrus and wild thyme in Syllektikon Premium unripe olive oil results in an innovative olive oil with a balanced combination of taste and ingredients. The quality of Syllektikon Premium unripe olive oil is recognized worldwide in international olive oil taste competitions, with its top distinction being the 2nd place worldwide at the flavored evoo category for 2017 based on the international ranking system for olive oil worldwide (EVOOWR). 

Syllektikon Premium flavored unripe olive oil, is a gourmet unripe olive oil, limited edition, that can complement and give character to a simple dish just as to any culinary delight, with the subtle presence of unripe olive oil, citrus and thyme.



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