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We are a couple (married) of food lovers  with an  obvious bias for  Greek food.  My name is Julio  and my wife's name is Koula. She is Greek and I am Cuban (I have also a Belgian nationality). We live in Leuven, Belgium. We met at the KU Leuven years ago when Koula was doing an Erasmus in Economy and I just graduated from a master in Bioinformatics.

Since our marriage,  we go regularly to Greece for holidays, to visit Koula's family and to make wine (we have our own winery there,

Koula is from Laconia, south of Peloponnese, and there we have met producers of different Greek products. Some of those products are now offered on this website. 


We want our friends and clients to experience and enjoy Greek food as we do when we travel to Greece. 


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In the summer of 2019 we took some time off to visit Kalamata.

Beautiful place.