Fir honey (300g)

Produced by Ioannis Stiliaras ( from Dafni,  a village in the municipality of Nafpaktia, Aetolia-Acarnania, Greece.


Melenia Bio is produced by hives located at the Lower Town of Nafpaktos, at an altitude of 860 meters. The honey is produced following strict specifications concerning the origin, collection, storage and quality control.

Organic honey is not easy to produce. It takes effort, expertise, time and sacrifices. The quantity of production is much lower, the quality controls required are stricter & more frequent. The result justifies the producer and the gives consumer a product of excellent quality, completeness and nutritional value.


The organic honey Melenia Fir-Bio,  have been awarded at internatinal competitions:


  • Gold medal at the world competition BIOLMIEL 2014 in Italy
  • Gold medal at the world competition BIOLMIEL 2015 in Italy
  • Two gold stars in the international competition GREAT TASTE 2016 in England
  • Silver medal in the world competition BIOLMIEL 2018 in Italy




Organic Fir honey