Naturally flavored olive oil Oleoastron – Premium - Gourmet - Limited edition 
Cold Extracted - Unfiltered flavored olive oil with 4 month natural sedimentation

250 ml


Oleoastron Premium olive oil is an innovative flavored olive oil with unique characteristics and belongs in the category of gourmet premium flavored olive oil (evoo). The ingredients of Oleoastron are Koroneiki variety olives, walnuts, purslane, fennel seeds, oregano, laurel and rosemary. 

The expertise in producing Oleoastron lies in the natural infusion of seven ingredients in the olive oil which results in the balanced creation of a unique flavor and a tasty pallet (naturally flavored olive oil). Simultaneously, Oleoastron offers unique characteristics regarding beneficial omega fatty acids (omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9) derived from the specialized method of production of this flavored olive oil.

The natural infusion of the ingredients in Oleoastron lead to the creation of a superior gourmet olive oil which is distinguished and recognized constantly in international olive oil taste competitions judged by expert olive oil panel testers of great prestige.

Prime distinction for Oleoastron is the first place (Best Flavored Evoo) at Terraolivo, one of the top international olive oil competitions worldwide. Undoubtedly, Oleoastron is rightfully classified as one of the most unique and multi-awarded flavored olive oils.

The naturally flavored gourmet olive oil Oleoastron is an inspiration for culinary creations with flavored olive oil from top chefs all over the world that delight in using flavored olive oil in their dishes.