Kalamon olives with Orange

Unpasteurized - Superior Gourmet -Without preservatives - Triple rigorous selection by hand - 9 month natural fermentation process.


250 grams, drained weight.


These olives constitute a combination of Lakonian land with its prime ingredients. Kalamata olives and oranges combined to give a superior gourmet taste option. Olives with orange and aromatic herbs are a culinary delicacy that can enhance and accompany any dish.

Handpicked  at the optimum maturity stage, these olives are then subjected to rigorous selection by hand and undergo many months of natural fermentation, without chemicals or additives. A significant factor in the taste is the fact that they are not pasteurized. The production is carried out with minimal salt throughout the whole fermentation process and in the final packaging, with natural infusion of orange and a wide variety of aromatic herbs and minimal gourmet vinegar, so they can maintain their fruity flavor. Thus, the superior gourmet natural olives Portokalenies retain all their health beneficial ingredients and they have particularly been found to have the highest concentration of tyrosol (natural antioxidant) worldwide. Furthermore, Portokalenies have been awarded for their top quality and taste in international taste competitions for olives such as Great Taste Awards in London with a golden star, while they are considered some of the most awarded Greek table olives.